Plastic DATA Sheets

We have the following Comparative Materials Charts:

ABS [chart 1] UltemŽ Polyetherimide [chart4]
Cast Acryllic [chart 1] Vespel SP-1 [chart 5]
Delrin [chart 1] Vespel SP-21 [chart 5]
Delrin AF [chart 1] Vespel SP-22 [chart 5]
Delrin 500CL [chart2] Vespel SP-211 [chart 5]
TFE Flourocarbon [chart2] Vespel SP-3 [chart 5]
Kynar PVDF [chart2] Nylon 101 [chart3]
Cast Nylon [chart2] Polycarbonate [chart3]
Nylon MD [chart2] UHMWPE [chart3]
TorlonŽ 4203 [chart4] Polythersulfone [chart3]
TorlonŽ 4301 [chart4] Polysulfone [chart4]
  Polypropylene [chart4]

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